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providing our community with the ideal environment for learning and development through shared experiences, and meaningful networking opportunities. Because we know that working alongside one another helps our members solve problems, share challenges, collaborate and grow.Following the same methodology, we offer teams the opportunity to join ‘Born’.

A 12 week innovation program built to help you shape your product and company from its initial stages all the way to through. Taking your vision from an idea to a concept that will flourish to a product and a successful company.

The born program focuses on empowering teams with critical thinking methodologies, communication skills and collaborative work ethics that will drive the company to excel and maximize its impact.

Our Mission

To help companies and entrepreneurs develop their vision into a successful company while forming meaningful connections. By providing educational, mentorship and professional services needed to drive enttrepenurs forward both professionally and personally.

We support companies in product and business development and we help them secure funding to facilitate their growth.

Our Goal

Strengthen our network and position as a leading hub for innovation where Digital Nomads, entrepreneurs, investors and business professionals come together to identify the right business models, audiences, investment and growth opportunities.

The Grown Digital Platform

Grown helps digital nomads, entrepreneurs, and companies develop meaningful connections within our global community by providing educational, mentorship, and professional services to drive them both professionally and personally. The platform inspires community members to experiment, collaborate and grow together, no matter where they are.

Available to Selina and TechnoArt members, at no added cost*
Additional commission and associated costs may apply*

Curated On-Demand Curricular

A curated educational program developed in partnership with our network of mentors and experts. guides participating ventures in the initial stages of product development, operations, marketing and raising capital. Community members are able to learn on their own terms with access to previously recorded sessions.

Professional Services

A marketplace of international services with access to exclusive benefits, discounts, and product support, designed to help our members execute their vision. Services include web development and hosting, graphic design, branding, marketing , legal services and more.


Exclusive network of Global Expert, and serial entrepreneurs provides financial, marketing and strategic guidance through virtual one-on-one sessions, in roundtable settings and global webinars helping founders and employees become more effective in their commitment to reaching their OKRs.

Wellness and Personal Development

We know that personal wellbeing of your team is a key factor in their journey to fulfillment. Both professionally and personally. So we’ve curated services, products and experiences especially for the working nomad. Helping your team maintain a healthy mindset, stay focused, powerful and happy.

Business Development and Networking

ProvidING our community with tools and support for product and business development, and helping them secure funding to facilitate their growth.
The program offers guidance and support in building the company's Go To Market strategy, helps form relationships with relevant strategic partners, clients and investors in TechnoArts@Selina network.

Investor Relations

Through our network, members gain access to a global network of strategic partners, corporate ventures, VCs and private investors. Our team supports our community as they successfully engaged with the right funding opportunity for their venture.

The Born difference

Selina is a hub for innovation through common vision and synergy. Once our companies graduate the Born program, We work to implement, promote and market their products and services across the Selina network, acting as a design partner in their path to exploring new markets.

We also promote Born companies products through our partnership network to help align buyers with innovation as well as help our companies grow.

Syndicating investments

We know that you’re just starting out, and you still need time to identify your company's true value. For that purpose our program offers investment syndication.

Our team connects you to strategic investors that help you grow your company while increasing its value through strategic partnerships.

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