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Grown is our ‘growth stage’ program designed to provide startup companies with tools and support through access to clients, sales partners and international markets.
Our team of experts guide your team through the different stages of identifying, building and executing the right strategy for expansion.

The program includes works session and deliverables such as:

Introducing your Product to Global Markets

Build a roadmap that measures the viability of your solution's success and predicts its performance based on market research, prior examples, and competitive data.

Assessing Current Challenges

Anticipate the key requirements at various points of your company's growth journey. *For example, the need for delegation and changes in managerial roles as companies become more complex.

Government Policy Evaluation

Evaluate the impact of present and proposed governmental regulations and policies on the business. *For example, exclusion of dividends from double taxation.

Cash-Flow Planning

Include strategic planning and budgeting to achieve coordination and operating control. Gain an understanding of each business life cycle phase to help you identify the opportunities and challenges in each phase to maximize unit economics and revenue growth.

Growing Out of the Startup Stage: Recruiting for Growth Stage

Hire for a company mindset and increase loyalty and productivity while reducing costs and increasing diversity.

Optimizing the Sales Funnel

Refine your customer journey and identify pipeline bottlenecks and sales process automation to reduce sales costs and increase conversion.

Tracking Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Discover ways to reduce customer acquisition cost and churn rates while increasing customer lifetime value, conversion rates, revenue growth, etc.

Raising capital

Support the process of raising money from angel investors and venture capital firms while preparing for relationship building and due diligence.

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